Shuh Cline & Grossman LLP

Principal and Team


Shuh Cline & Grossman LLP is a conscientious law firm committed to high ethical standards. Founded in 1976, we offer a full range of legal services.

Frederick J. Shuh

Frederick J. Shuh B.A., L.L.B
(519) 578-9010 Ext. 222

Fred Shuh is the founder of the firm. Mr. Shuh was educated in both Canada and the United States and received his Bachelor of Laws from Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto. He is an attorney at law, admitted to practice in both Ontario and New York State. Mr. Shuh is duly admitted and qualified as an Attorney and Counsellor of the Supreme Court of the United States.

Mark S. Grossman

Mark S. Grossman B.A., L.L.B
(519) 578-9010 Ext. 231

A partner of the firm, Mark Grossman, has over 37 years of experience as a trial lawyer in a variety of areas of law. Mark completed his undergraduate studies at McGill University and obtained his law Degree at the University of Toronto. Currently Mark has focuses on all forms of civil litigation including personal injury and disability matters involving work place injuries (WSIB), car and other forms of accidents, disability insurance claims and Canada Pension Plan Appeals (CPP). Mark is also a part time Small Claims Court Judge. In the past Mark was appointed as Local Counsel to the Public Trustee and the Family Responsibility Office and counsel for the Office of the Children's Lawyer. Mark is an avid skier, squash player and enthusiastic, if not an accomplished golfer. Mark has been a past president and current Board member of Beth Jacob Congregation of Kitchener and a past president of the Volunteer Placement Service and the K-W Hebrew Day School. Mark has been married for more than 39 years with 3 grown sons and 5 extremely active grandsons and 2 charming granddaughters.

William C. Cline

William C. Cline L.L.B
(519) 578-9010 Ext. 228

William Cline, a partner of the firm, has extensive experience in real estate, commercial and corporate law. An area of expertise and interest is providing assistance and advice to businesses and industries in meeting the legal issues in today's challenging business environment. Mr. Cline also heads the firm's real estate department and as such is responsible for the management of all of the firm's commercial and residential real estate transactions.

Susan Hewlett

Susan Hewlett
(519)-578-9010 Ext. 224

Susan Hewlett is the legal assistant to William C. Cline for many years. Providing assistance to Mr. Cline on many legal matters. Susan is the Real Estate clerk for all his client's transactions for residential and commercial.

Sharon Knarr

Sharon Knarr
(519)-578-9010, ext. 234

Sharon Knarr is the legal assistant to Frederick J. Shuh and has been employed at Shuh Cline & Grossman LLP for 25 years.

Stephanie Mitchell Hodge

Stephanie Mitchell Hodge
(519)-578-9010, ext. 225

Stephanie Mitchell Hodge is the legal assistant to Mark S. Grossman and has been employed at Shuh Cline & Grossman LLP for 3 years. Currently Stephanie is on a leave of absence from July 3rd to August 28th as she continues to serve our country’s military at 31 Combat Engineering Regiment.