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In accordance with our commitment to access to justice, we provide a free 30 minute consultation.

Shuh Cline & Grossman LLP
We offer a full range of immigration assistance services:
  • Express Entry for Skilled Workers
  • Provincial Nominees
  • Business Start-Up and Job Creation Visa
  • Northern Canada and Rural Immigration
  • Health Care Workers Permanent Residence
  • Family Sponsorship Immigration
  • Quebec Select Skilled Workers Immigration
  • Care Giver's Immigration
  • Self Employed Immigration
  • Agri-Food Immigration
  • Refugee Claimant Immigration
  • Student and Education Immigration
  • Assistance in completing an open applicaion


On-Staff Immigration Coordinator:

Dante Vizcarra

Dante Vizcarra
(519)-578-9010, ext. 233

Florante "Dante" Vizcarra is a Senior Real Estate Law Clerk at Shuh Cline & Grossman LLP. He was born in the Philippines and is now a Canadian citizen. He was a former professor in Research and Statistics in one of the state colleges and universities of the Philippines and obtained his BA, MA and Ph. D which are all recognized in Canada.

Contact him directly to discuss your immigration related questions and he will direct you to an immigration lawyer who can then assist you with your Canadian immigration aspirations.

Specialized Services

We can assist you in determining what immigration programs you can apply for, information on how to sponsor your family and advise about using a representative.

Interested in higher education opportunities in Canada? We provide guidance on how to apply for or extend a study permit or student work permit.

If you are interested in getting a permanent resident card, we will help you find immigrant services in your area, apply for citizenship and learn about your first tax year in Canada.

Claiming refugee protection? Looking to sponsor a refugee or find services for refugees in Canada? We can work with you to establish a claim and appeal an existing refugee claim.

If you are planning on visiting Canada, we will help you determine if you need a visa to visit, or do business or transit through Canada. We can assist you if you wish to extend your stay as a visitor.

Should you desire to work in Canada, we can help you apply for a work permit, or extend an existing one. We can also help with getting your credentials recognized. If you are a Canadian citizen looking to hire foreign workers, we can help with that too.

When you are ready to apply for Canadian citizenship, we have resources available for that as well.

Finally, if you have been denied entry we can help you through the review process and immigration admissibility hearings.